MEAT-ME-AT-THE-GRILL Catering is a family owned business of Christopher and Joi Disroe.

Specializing in Smoked Meats, we also provide personal chef and full service catering.  In 1991, Christopher had his first smoker built.  Several years later, with a passion to carry on the legacy of his late father, whom was a chef, he opened Brother Disroe's BBQ RIB SHACK & Catering.  In 1999, Christopher decided to move the family and the business to Atlanta, GA. 

Not only do they have succulent smoked meats, they also have one of the best BBQ sauces around.  Our family is from Memphis originally, but moved to the Midwest the majority of his life, the original sauce has a blend of Memphis and Midwest flavor. Bread and sauce is all you need, however, when meat and sauce come together you have a fabulous combination of succulent smoked meat and sauce. 

The business has evolved with our specialty Smoked Meats and sauce, so as our name.  We changed our name from Brother Disroe's BBQ RIB SHACK & Catering to Meat-Me-At-The-Grill Catering. 

MEAT-ME-AT-THE-GRILL Catering is all about serving outstanding food and striving to use local, sustainable Meats and fresh grown as often as possible.



 Meat us....anywhere.....and everywhere